Episode 64 “Guerrilla Food Company with Jason”

March 22nd, 2015

Welcome Back! On this episode, we spoke with Jason of Guerrilla Food Company. Jason's gourmet pick-up take-out service is a novel addition to our Valley's burgeoning locally sourced food options. We talk to Jason about some of our favorite subjects: sourcing all local ingredients, starting a business from scratch, and providing the best meals possible to our wonderful Comox Valley. Take a second to listen - You can hear the passion in what he does come through. As always, please tell us what you think!  

Phone  250.703.0002. 

Address: 534 5th St.  Courtenay B.C.

Web: http://tgfc.ca

Email: freshinfo@tgfc.ca.

Monday to Thursday: 10am-7pm
Fridays & Saturdays: 10am-9pm
Pizza Service: Fridays 4-9pm and Saturdays 12-9pm

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Episode 63 “Wayward Distillation House with Andrea Brimacombe”

March 18th, 2015

Andrea from Wayward Distillation House sits down with Chef Jon and Darren in this exuberant episode! This is our fair Valleys' newest public distiller, and they are off to an amazing start. Using honey as a base for all of their liquors (yes honey!), they've immediately distinguished themselves from all competitors. Listen to this intriguing story of how they came to be, and how they set their roots in the valley. We love what they have planned, especially the part about sourcing all local valley flavours for their infused vodka line. Let us know what you think!


2931 Moray Ave
Courtenay, BC V9N 7S7
tel: (250) 871-0424
Open Noon - 6pm daily

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Episode 62 “Max of the White Whale”

March 9th, 2015

  This week the boys are back in studio with Max Oudendag of the White Whale Public House and Oyster Bar. Chef Jon and Darren talk to Max about opening a new restaurant in the current Valley climate - its' ups, its' downs, and everything in between. They discuss future plans, missed steps and forging forward. And of course, the bounty of the Beautiful Comox Valley, and why this restaurant thrives in this specific environment.

For more info:

Open :11:30 am – late, 7 days a week
975 Comox Road
Courtenay, British Columbia V9N 3P7
PHONE :250-338-1468
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Episode 61 “Welcome back and Dine Around”

March 1st, 2015

  Welcome back to The Edible Valley Podcast! In this weeks episode, Chef Jon and Darren catch up for their first time in studio for 2015. They deliver a brief recap of the last few months, some discussion about what's going on this month - namely Dine Around the Comox Valley, and a glimpse at what's to come in the next few weeks, and a discussion on what the Valley's food scene is shaping up to look like over the next few years.

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Episode 60 “Beez Kneez Catering with Paul DeRidder”

November 25th, 2014

Chef Jon and Darren are at it again, this time sitting down with Paul DeRidder of Beez Kneez Catering. It's hard not to reminisce of days past when we all worked together at the Atlas Cafe. Once we get past that, we dig down into Paul's preference of catering over cooking for a restaurant, and how quickly he adapted to the change. We also talk about the freedom that comes from stepping out into your own venture.

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Episode 59 “Tin Town Table with Fred Smith”

November 16th, 2014

The dynamic duo of Chef Jon and Darren talk with Fred Smith of Tin Town Tacos. We discuss the process of getting into the local food culture scene from the ground floor, and the difficulties and hiccups along the way. We also discuss our upcoming, sold-out Tin Town Table private dining experience, hosted by Fred, with Chef Jon and Darren making the 6 course meal. Give it a listen - we'd love some feedback!

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Episode 58 “Permaculture & Blayne Prowse”

October 7th, 2014

Today we bring you up to speed on the original co-host of the Edible Valley. Blayne Prowse left the podcast nearly two years ago, after an interview on this very show. During an interview based on permaculture, it resonated with him so astutely that after the taping, he began to dig deeper, and opted to pursue a life of permaculture and sustainable living. 

  We are very privileged and proud to bring you up to speed on Blayne's findings and adopted lifestyle. 

  Tell us what you think - we would love to hear from you!

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Episode 57 “Ivans Truffles”

August 19th, 2014

  Ivan Loubier of IvansTruffles.com stopped by the studio to share his wares with  Jonathan and Darren of the Edible Valley. This was one of those rare treats where the interview was based on rare treats! The hosts discussed with Ivan the difficulties of starting a micro business - then completely uprooting and relocating! He further goes into having to cater to an entirely new clientele after essentially starting over.

  Ivan touches on his current successes, his favourite triumphs and a glimpse into his newest confection that he swears is going to revolutionize chocolate! Get caught up in the obvious and evident passion of the newest Edible Valley podcast!

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Episode 56 “Grace Obal Bates Beach Farm”

August 9th, 2014

Chef Jonathan Frazier and Local Food Entrepreneur Darren Howlett get a chance to sit down with Grace Obal of Bates Beach Farms, to talk about all of the wonderful things happening in the local farming scene during this incredible summer of amazing crop yields. Grace relates to us how her and her husband developed this special little farm, tucked away in an incredibly beautiful and lesser known area of the Comox Valley. What began as a rock filled swamp (seriously - take a listen!), was worked and reworked with love and determination into an incredibly verdant and bountiful farm. She also divulges the inside scoop on a few secret (and amazing) projects she and her husband are developing for her farm, the local youth and our community! Take a listen!

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Episode 55 “Taste of Edible Valley”

August 7th, 2014

Chef Jon and Darren take a break to catch up the listeners to what they've been up to - and well, it's quite a bit! This episode touches on their foray into video, as well as their recent coverage in a local magazine. And, is Edible Valley (the local food podcast) evolving into a local food cooking show? Take a listen and get the details! 

  They also take a minute to look toward the near future, and discuss who may appear in future episodes, what the two have planned for the future of Edible Valley, and where both local food and their filmed episodes are headed!

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