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Exploring and promoting local food culture.

December 17, 2016

Episode 115 “Holiday Dishes and Christmas Dinner”

With the holiday season upon us, Darren and Jonathan spend some time discussing the joys of Christmas dinner and some of their favourite meal ideas.

November 29, 2016

Episode 114 “Winter Vegetables”

With cold weather fast approaching, Darren and Jonathan are wondering what everyone's doing with their wonderful bounty of winter vegetables? They have some interesting ideas of their own, of course.  

November 23, 2016

Episode 113 ” November Edible Valley”

Ever wonder how the Comox Valley stacks up to Portland? How about our rapidly growing food truck scene? This week Jon and Darren discuss all things "Portlandia" and our own small town vibrant food scene and much more.

November 14, 2016

Episode 112 “Tales from Flavour 2016″


Finally after a long wait: Flavour - The North Vancouver Island Picnic! We were lucky to have Darren walk the grounds of Flavour while recording interviews with many exibitors and guest to find out who they were, what they brought and why they were there. Please enjoy, we sure did.

October 9, 2016

Episode 111″ Lentelus Organics with Dave Semmelink”

Dave Semmelink joins Jonathan and Darren today to talkabout his involvement with Lush Valley and his farm, Lentelus Organics. Jonathanmet Dave while on a Lush Valley tree-harvesting day, raising money for theComox Valley Chef's Association, and knew he was the kind of guy we love havingon the show. With his feet firmly entrenched in local food production, anddeftly involved in community efforts, we asked him to regale us with his LushValley tales. To our surprise, he was more suited as a follow-up to our recentCharcuterie and Local Farming episodes. Listen in as Dave delves into Farming,Food and Philanthropy!  


September 27, 2016

Episode 110 “Canning Season”

Returning guest Cat Leduc joins Darren and Chef Jonathan along side Lynda Smith (her first appearance) for the newest Edible Valley Podcast. Today's exciting topic: Canning and Preserving! As we move into fall,we are well into harvest season - what better time to consider new options of how you are going to preserve your bounty? Listen in as our experts throw out some new flavours, ideas, and tips for you for your next food projects!

September 19, 2016

Episode 109 “Charcuterie: Curing Meats and More”

Cohen Brown of Clandestino Salumi joins a returning Brian McCormick of Clever Crow to today’s Edible Valley podcast! Chef Jonathon Frazier, Darren Howlett, and their guests discuss charcuterie! First we have to ask: What is charcuterie? We found we each have a slightly different opinion of the common theme; none of us define it the same way. We all agree that it centers around cured meats and the conversation goes from there! 


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September 5, 2016

Episode 108 “High Summer Bounties”

As we near the end of summer, Chef Jonathan and Darren thought it may be interesting to hear from a few local farmers about how this summer compared to others, and the state of local farming in the Comox Valley. In attendance were: Gardening enthusiast extraordinaire: Ms. Toni Dunne; Owner of Ashbury Farms: Mr. Miguel Laroche; and recently relocated member of Merville Organics Ms. Robin Sturley. Listen in and hear how they weathered this years' curveballs, rolled with the changes, and dealt with the excesses. Let us know how your garden and your bounty may have differed from previous years - we would love to hear about it!

August 30, 2016

Episode 107 “Summer Wind-Down”

As summer winds down, Darren and Chef Jonathan take anepisode to reflect on how their summers have been going, what they've done withfood, and where they are headed - their food intentions for the next fewmonths. Canning, preserving, pickling, curing, and more are on the table. Theyget into new ingredients that inspire them, and new methods they hope to dabblein.

August 15, 2016

Episode 106 “The North Vancouver Islands Gourmet Picnic , 2016 Flavour”


With the Comox Valley’s fourth Flavour Festival approaching quickly, Chef Jonathan Frazier and Darren Howlett have the chance to sit down with organizer and executive director of the
North Island College Foundation, Susan Auchterlonie.  This event is returning after a year long hiatus, and we talked about all the exciting plans that will occur at this year’s highly anticipated festival.

As always this festival allows the Comox Valley to showcase its finest chefs, vintners, farmers and producers in support of education and culinary culture in our community. If you are one of the lucky 500 people that were able to get a ticket (it sold out in five minutes), you’ll definitely have a memorable time and we look forward to seeing you there!