Episode 82 “Summer sit down Edible Valley

August 10th, 2015

Chef Jonathan Frazier and Darren Howlett catch up on the local food scene today. These episodes are where we check in on what's going on in the Valley, and us in food, have become some of our favorites. We touch on upcoming events, what's inspiring us, whats new in the local food culture, and where it and we, are headed. 

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Episode 81 ” Hazelmere Farm with Michelle Hua

August 3rd, 2015

Michelle Hua of Hazelmere farms stopped into the studio today, and what a treat that was. A staple of the Comox Valley Farmers Market, Hazelmere Farms' booth has been a highlight for years. Michelle, who has just returned to the Valley with her husband, was able to give us a wonderful history of the farm and talk about where it's headed as she and her hubby take a more active role in the farms future. We wish them all the best!

Hazelmere Farm

3222 Grant Rd, Courtenay, BC

Phone: 250-336-2608

Email: huawongs@telus.net 

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Episode 80 “Ben-zion Eni and The Hub”

July 29th, 2015

In the studio today, Ben-zion Eni joined us to discuss his newest endeavour, the Hub Cafe in downtown Courtenay. Ben has stepped out of a 20 year career working with fresh produce, and jumped into the service side of the food industry! We talked to him about the jump - the motivations, hesitations and everything in between. But as we got to talking, the thing that struck us the most is his sense of community. It's obvious that it plays a significant role in his cafe, and he aims to have the cafe play a significant role in the community.  With this great little spot, great food, great location, great atmosphere, you just know it's going to succeed!   

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Episode 79 “Toni Dunne and Backyard Gardening”

July 20th, 2015

The beautiful Ms. Toni Dunne sits down with Chef Jon and Darren today to talk gardening. A self-taught garden hobbyist, Toni has developed as a semi-professional gardener over the years as she has soaked in and absorbed every bit of information she can. With an eye on acidity and soil alchemy, Toni and friends have created lush, abundant gardens out of little backyard dirt patches. And like a modern day Johnny Appleseed, she plants a little every where she goes.

But taking it further than that, she discusses how to provide a modest secondary income from her garden, while still providing plenty for her and her family. It’s truly the new direction backyard farming is going, so just sit back and listen to this vanguard of modern hobby farming relate to you her journey from amateur to thriving adept.

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Episode 78 “Doug Smith of Natural Pastures Cheese”

July 14th, 2015

Doug Smith of Natural Pastures was gracious enough to join us tonight to discuss cheese! As one of the Comox Valley’s cornerstone food producers that help put our humble, beautiful Valley on the map, Doug is one of those key talents that took a small business idea, and turned it into a national brand! He walks us through the process of getting started, growing to fit your market, and establishing yourself amongst your peers. We had a great time with Doug – who is just a wealth of information of Valley history, business planning and above all: Cheese!

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Episode 77 ” Tannadice Farm with Allen McWilliam”

July 5th, 2015

Allen McWilliam of Tannadice Farms sat down with Chef Jon and Darren in the studio today. Allen treats us to the background of how the farm has grown from its' humble beginnings to the cornerstone-of-the-valley it has become. Humble and gracious, He shares a loving history of the Valley, and is able to relate his unique view on the farming scene here, and how it has evolved and grown over the years. And he brought sausages!

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Episode 76 “Connie Earl and BC wines”

July 1st, 2015

On this episode, the ever eloquent Connie Earl joins Chef Jonathan Frazier and Darren Howlett to talk local wine. Connie is easily one of the foremost resources for the Valley on all things wine, extending throughout Vancouver Island; BC in general; and worldwide. She brought her expertise and a few bottles of semi-local reds to discuss the first steps in evaluating a bottles' merits, triumphs and shortcomings. What a treat!

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Episode 75 “Allison MacKenzie of Dark Side Chocolates”

June 22nd, 2015


Today we sit down with the lovably quirky Allison MacKenzie of Dark Side Chocolates. Allison discusses how she sort of 'fell into' the business, the merits of good dark chocolate over mass produced cheaper chocolate, and finding new flavour combinations. We also touch on the ups and downs of being a small business in the Comox Valley and all that comes with it.


Dark Side Chocolates

P.O. Box 1119, 

2722 Dunsmuir Avenue

Cumberland, B.C. V0R 1S0

Phone: 250-336-0126

Website: http://darksidechocolates.com

Facebook: Dark Side Chocolates

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Episode 74 “Carmon Wakeling of Eatmore sprouts”

June 15th, 2015


Carmen Wakeling of Eatmore Sprouts sat down at the Edible Valley table today, to talk sprouts, farming, and the beautiful Comox Valley. Carmen took us back to the beginning, lo those many years ago, where it all began. It's amazing that a small backyard venture has become a food juggernaut, producing an incredible amount of food for our Valley and beyond. Truly one of the cornerstone food growers of our area, we are thankful that Carmen was able to come in and share her story, and hopefully inspire all of us!


Eatmore Sprouts and Greens Ltd.

2604 Grieve Rd

Courtenay, BC, V9J 1S7

Telephone:  250-338-4860

Fax:  250-334-0216

Email: eatmore@shawbiz.ca

Website: http://www.eatmoresprouts.com

Facebook: Eatmore Sprouts

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Episode 73 “Hans Peter Meyer”

June 15th, 2015

Tonight Chef Jonathon Frazier and Darren Howlett had the great

fortune of sitting down with Hans Peter Meyer, reknown local food

reviewer and Comox Valley commerce enthusiast (for lack of a

better term). Hans has become better known as of late for his

ambitious efforts to get the Comox Valley on the map so-to-speak,

with his "Making Shift Happen" and #WeAreYQQ - both efforts to

shine a light on small business within the valley, and encourage

growth of those businesses and the local economy. It was very

difficult to contain this to just a half hour, and promises have

been made to explore this further. Take a listen and let us know

what you think - we would love to hear your ideas and comments.

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